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Ra90 Attraction

Ra (general color rendering index) is a value that shows how natural the colors of goods look. The closer it is to 100, the better. LED bulb high color rendering type, kireiiro, realized Ra90 for both warm white and neutral white by adding green and red to phosphor used in LED light-emitting area, and optimizing phosphor blending. It makes the skin color more beautiful (Note 1) and food more vivid (Note 2).

Note 1 : Based on Toshiba's evaluation test on likeability of the appearance of goods (Comparison between Toshiba's LED bulb kireiiro LDA9L(N)-D-G and Toshiba's conventional LED bulb LDA8L(N)-G)
Evaluation result by Product Evaluation Monitor at CS Evaluation Center in Toshiba.

Note 2 : Based on Toshiba's evaluation test on vividness of goods (Reference to JIS Z 8726, Evaluation by color rendering property evaluation method other than color rendering index)

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