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Studio and Stage Lighting Systems

MBS Mainichi Broadcasting System, Inc Osaka

MBS Mainichi Broadcasting System, Inc Osaka

A successful stage or studio production is very dependant on good lighting and when it comes to such lighting Toshiba Lighting has been in the spotlight for years.

Since developing Japan's first domestically produced thyristor dimmer Toshiba Lighting has supplied dimming,lighting and peripheral equipment to over 2,000 theatres, television studios and various other media and entertainment outlets.

Toshiba Lighting systems are regularly tested by the ever critical eyes of lighting directors, actors, lighting operators and most importantly of all, the theatre going public.
It is not surprising that Toshiba Lighting's equipment only gets better.

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Communication and Sound Systems

Koriyama Civic Culture Center, Fukushima

Koriyama Civic Culture Center, Fukushima

Contributing to lifestyle safety and comfort are communications and sound systems, which accurately and harmoniously transmit audio-visual information.

Toshiba Lighting's private address systems have been supplied throughout Japan in major hotels, the Japanese Government Guest House and many other buildings.

The systems are used for routine and emergency messages and as the backbone for comprehensive in-house security through the development of CCTV equipment.

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Energy Saving Lighting System

Careful management of the use of natural resources is critical to the planet's future. Electric power has played a prime role in creating the material wealth of our modern civilization but in the years to come we must use it wisely and efficiently if civilization is to survive.

This is why "Reducing Energy Consumption" is one of the most important guidelines in the development of all Toshiba Lighting products and Toshiba Lighting's "MESL" lighting control system demonstrates of such superb equipment.

Toshiba Lighting's policy is to ensure that all lighting is efficient and effective with a minimum of energy consumption and this policy extends all the way from domestic lighting through to large-scale public building projects.

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