Lighting Up The World

Lighting Up The World

Over 100 years ago Toshiba produced Japans first incandescent lamp. Since then Toshiba has grown and prospered into a giant in the high technology industry. Toshiba Lighting and Technology Corporation is part of this growth and has expanded its operations globally to position itself as one of the worlds leading lighting manufacturers and suppliers.

Japan's 1st incandescent lamp in 1890

Japan's first incandescent lamp in 1890

Through careful integration of every stage of planning, research and development, production and sales, Toshiba Lighting's variety of lighting products represent a new level of sophistication.

Toshiba Lighting is commited to improving peoples' lifestyles and to environmental protection. It is renowned for its approach to development of energy saving products and therefore contributing to saving the world's natural resources.

Through a dedicated global marketing campaign, sound management and logistics control Toshiba Lighting is always a step ahead of its competitors. We invite you to share in our success and in our caring attitude to the needs of our customers.

Lighting Case Studies

Iino Building

Iino Building

In consideration of the earth's environment, energy savings will be achieved by using double layer outer walls and natural energy such as a passive ventilation system. Typical office floors will use approximately half the previous level of lighting energy by employing LED lighting throughout.

linkCase Study PDF (PDF:6.95MB)

Hokuriku Workers' Credit Union Takaoka Branch

Hokuriku Workers' Credit Union Takaoka Branch

The Hokuriku Worker's Credit Union is available to local residents, local workers, and anyone in the three Hokuriku prefectures (Toyama, Ishikawa, and Fukui). The reopened Takaoka Branch, which has been rebuilt in a new location, will employ LED lighting as a means to realize an environmentally friendly "workers' credit union" concept.

linkCase Study PDF (PDF:8.01MB)

Ote-dori Central East District Redevelopment Project "Phoenix Ote East" Atrium Lighting

'Phoenix Ote East' Atrium Lighting

"Phoenix Ote East" will be completed as part of the redevelopment project of the Ote-dori Central East District in Nagaoka, with its concentration of commercial and business functions. An atrium will be installed in the center of the building, and a LED digital lighting system will be employed to present the four seasons on a lighted terrace in the atrium.

linkCase Study PDF (PDF:8.68MB)

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