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Residential Lighting

Residential Lighting image

Thomas Edison invented the incandescent lamp over a century ago and opened the world to the practical reality of lighting the home.

Since this invention great advances in technical innovation have allowed "lighting" to become an indispensable element in creating ideal living environments.

Toshiba Lighting manufactures a great variety of residential lighting to suit a host of individual lifestyles and is constantly responding with new products to the growing diversity and sophistication of an everchanging market.

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Shop Lighting

Shop Lighting image

Good quality is an essential ingredient to marketing and sales of shop products. Any of Toshiba Lighting's impressive array of shop lighting contributes to a stores image and atmosphere in a balanced and effective manner.

Toshiba Lighting's product development has focused on the importance of not only lighting the shops merchandise but also of retaining it in peak condition.

An example is Toshiba Lighting's "Metacool" lighting which cuts heat output by 90% yet still shows off even the most delicate products, whilst also providing optimum in-store lighting effects.

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Office Lighting

Office Lighting image

Lighting demands have been diversified enormously with the advent of the hi-tech office environment and the revolution in office layout and efficiency.

Toshiba Lighting is meeting these demands and lighting the way to the ideal office environment of the future with a wide range of new products, including subdued low glare office automation equipment.

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Public and Factory Lighting

Safety is the major issue in the lighting of public spaces and factories and with Toshiba's lighting any glare is cut drastically and the eyes protected as much as possible from harsh light.

Lighting equipment is designed for durability and is highly resistant to vibration and shock.

An example of such lighting is Toshiba Lighting's HID lamps, which are also very economical to operate. They are an extremely popular fitting in expressways, tunnels and factories or in general open space public use areas such as parklands and tennis centres.

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Other Specialised Lighting Requirements

Other Specialised Lighting Requirements image

Toshiba Lighting's catalogue of specialised lighting suits many other industry requirements such as electric signboards, lighthouses, intensive farming, photography and infrared medical applications.

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Electronic and Core & Coil Ballasts

Electronic and Core & Coil Ballasts image

Toshiba Lighting is continually working to improve lighting performance while at the same time reducing equipment size, weight and power consumption.

It has long maintained the position of industry leader in research and development of ballasts, which is the key to better fluorescent lighting.

In 1978 the company introduced the first electronic ballasts which are supplied on an OEM basis to lighting equipment makers throughout the world.

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Wiring Devices

Wiring Devices image

Toshiba Lighting 's wide range of wiring devices are aesthetically pleasing, safe, easy to use and immensely versatile.

In particular the latest "E's ","SL COLOR" and "WIDE" series perform superbly.

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