Research & Development

Predicting Future Trends and Meeting Market Needs

Toshiba Lighting is eagerly pursuing the challenge of creating new products and technologies to suit the new information age.

These efforts are concentrated at Toshiba Lighting's R & D Center in Yokosuka which is just 90 minutes from Tokyo.

It is here that Toshiba Lighting's highly qualified staff work in an ideal environment to combine the immense knowledge of lighting technology advancement with innovative change.

The Toshiba Lighting Research and Development program has very wide scope. In addtion to the central task of developing new elements for general lighting applications it also extends to office automation equipment, special bio-related industrial gas sources based on applied photo radiation technology and hybrid IC's.

Equally important are the development of photometry and colorimetry technologies to maximise efficiency on the production line.

Results at the R & D Center reflect ever new and ever broadening lighting applications to keep pace with the new technology age in which we live.

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Lamp and Lighting Laboratory

Laboratory image

The lamp and lighting laboratory takes a medium to long range point of view to basic and applied research for new technology and new products.

The laboratory's operations cover all aspects of software and hardware applications technology.

Its research into advanced optical and electronics technology encompasses new age thinking with lighting and illumination, optical design, development of light fittings, radiation technology and applications, lighting circuits, electrical circuits and signal contact systems.

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Quality Assurance Division

Quality control image

Toshiba Lighting's reputation is built on the reliability of its products and the Quality Assurance Division handles all aspects of quality control, including product reliability and product liability control and after sales service.

Part of its function is the scrupulous monitoring of every stage of the manufacturing process from product development and all the way through production.

Its staff are involved in scrutinising designs, guiding production plants, testing prototypes, supervision of control transfer for new mass production starts and evaluation of practical product tests.

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